Coded Constellations is an album of mostly guitar oriented instrumental music, originally released in 2001.

Two complete tracks ('Io' & 'Lengthening Shadows') are offered for preview on YouTube.

'Lengthening Shadows' features a wah-pedal guitar solo in D dorian mode. Reviewers have compared the tone & style to players such as Joe Satriani & Jimmy Page.

'Io' has been described by reviewers as electronica with a retro feel. The sequenced Moog sawtooth bassline & VCF filter sweeps are perhaps reminiscent of Vangelis.

Coded Constellations: complete track listing

1 Io (5:38)
2 Lengthening Shadows (4:57)
3 Red Shift (4:50)
4 Vertical Hold (6:03)
5 Blue Shift (4:25)
6 First Light (2:41)
7 Paradigm Shift (4:10)
8 2 Sigma (4:04)
9 Longing (5:18)
10 The Watchmaker (14:06)

Total running time: 56:18

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Coded Constellations

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Deep Space Hibernation
Particle Detector
Lengthening Shadows
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