Coded Constellations is an album of mostly guitar oriented instrumental music, originally released in 2001. The most popular track from the album, 'Lengthening Shadows', made it into the top ten of's global 'instrumental guitar rock' chart in 2002.

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Two complete tracks ('Io' & 'Lengthening Shadows') are offered for preview on YouTube.

'Lengthening Shadows' features a wah-pedal guitar solo in D dorian mode. Reviewers have compared the tone & style to players such as Joe Satriani & Jimmy Page.

'Io' has been described by reviewers as electronica with a retro feel. The sequenced Moog sawtooth bassline & VCF filter sweeps are perhaps reminiscent of Vangelis.

Coded Constellations: complete track listing

1 Io (5:38)
2 Lengthening Shadows (4:57)
3 Red Shift (4:50)
4 Vertical Hold (6:03)
5 Blue Shift (4:25)
6 First Light (2:41)
7 Paradigm Shift (4:10)
8 2 Sigma (4:04)
9 Longing (5:18)
10 The Watchmaker (14:06)

Total running time: 56:18

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Coded Constellations

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Deep Space Hibernation
Particle Detector
Lengthening Shadows
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